Traditions of St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th of March which commemorates his death. The day is celebrated all over the world and a number of popular events are conducted worldwide. He was the Patron Saint of Ireland and his festivity was important in Ireland’s theological calendar. It is widely accepted that he introduced Christianity to Ireland and eliminated snakes from the island. However, these are untrue and can be classified only as Irish folklore.

Since he was the Saint of Ireland, this country celebrates the event with immense excitement. There are a number of traditions associated with this day and some are even religious. Some other people who are not Irish consider being Irish national just to celebrate this day.

Typical traditions

Here is a list of typical traditions that are being carried out on the St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Most people wear something green on this day. It has now become known as ‘the wearing of green’ to celebrate the Irish heritage. In Ireland, people wear small bunch of Shamrocks on their right breast instead of preferring green clothing. It signifies their Irishness and the connection they have with this event.
  • It is considered as a holy day for most of the Irish. If not all, most of them consider it as an obligation to visit the church on this day. Families would dress in the best they can with Shamrocks attached on their breast and attend the church as a family.Families would return home after attending and attend a large roasted dinner which includes a number of meat and vegetables that is served with roasted and mashed potatoes. Alcohol was not consumed will 1970’s until the pubs were made permissible by the law.Families even sit together and watch the parades carried out on the television.
  • In Ireland, there is a tradition of drinking green beer. You would hardly find a pub where this kind of beer is not served. Interestingly, this is not actually the tradition of Ireland but of US and Canada which have been propagated to Ireland. Since it is now permissible by law, Ireland widely serves this beer and has now become a popular tradition.
  • This day is considered the day of parades and festivals. The first parade occurred in the New York City in 1766 and today these parades are held all over the world as a form of celebration. Millions of people are invited to celebrate being Irish just for a day.

Until 1995, the Irish government did not allow to hold parades. Since then, this day is celebrated with a number of parades which even includes shows, concerts, plays, fun fair followed by a main parade.


St. Patrick’s Day is quite popular irrespective of your religion. People of all religion celebrates it in Ireland due to its enthusiasm and popularity. There is no harm in it as well. Above were some of the traditions that have been long carried out and will continue to do so.…

Trending Foods of Israel for Hanukkah

On the 25th day of the month of Kislev, the Jewish calendar, the famous event named Hanukkah is celebrated. During this event, families eat a number of traditional dishes that have become quite popular on the global level. This Jewish holiday further celebrates many traditions like lighting the menorah and playing the dreidel game along with revival of stories of the Maccabees.

The traditions entail a number of things. Even though this traditional holiday doesn’t entail opening of the presents, it is still somehow related to the Christmas and has created a whole new tradition of purchasing presents for children.

Moreover, the holiday’s conventional food are not for the faint of heart because most of them are either fried or loaded with a lot of cheese. These special treats have managed to please all kinds of people even if you do not belong to the Jewish community.

Traditional fried foods

The latkes are potato pancakes that are fried, is one of the most popular Hanukkah food. They are shredded potatoes with mixed onion, egg, flour and seasoning. It is then formed into small pancakes and fried deep in oil. These crispy treats are served with sour cream on the side.

We have now a lot of alterations to the traditional recipe. There are also several international editions of this amazing recipe. From scallion pancakes to curried sweet potato, there are many other forms of latkes.

Another deep fried delicacy is deep-fried jelly-filled donuts named the sufganiyot. These are conventionally enjoyed during Hanukkah in Israel and is found favorable by most of the children all across the globe.

Traditional meats

Once the Hanukkah menorah is lighted up, the guest and other people around would enjoy sitting down to a traditional meat menu, especially on the Friday night of Hanukkah. Brisket is one internationally recognized dish that is put on the tables of Jews. This slow-cooked meat is a welcoming and warming dish.

Roasted chicken is often added by many cooks along with latkes. Many home cooks and professional chefs tend to add their own creativity in their food to make it look more appealing and make the tradition more interesting.

Traditional dairies and desserts

Eating dairy products is one of the traditions of this whole event, especially the cheese to commemorate the Jewish heroine named Judith. Recipes of spinach tidbit appetizers, sugared pecan salad and grilled salmon filled with cheese is one of the popular savories.

The desert range is vast as well. There is a number of traditional deserts that Jews tend to enjoy during this event. From Hanukkah sugar cookies to the conventional donuts, there is a lot to celebrate. This event provides the perfect opportunity to try the olive oil cake or something unique like Hanukkah gelt cookies.


These were the traditional cuisine of this event. Israel is known for its cuisine and tends to be highly popular when it comes to Hanukkah. These foods are a must try irrespective of your race, cast or nationality.